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A pioneer since the 1960’s, Suri Products (India) has built its reputation as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic brake parts, rubber and rubber to metal bonded parts in the Indian and International automotive industry. With more than 400+ professionals and employees employed at 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Delhi NCR and Noida, SP supplies products that meet the highest standard of precision, quality and performance. Our commitment to quality and deep insight into customers’ requirements, make us one of the few companies delivering such a wide range of components for light and heavy-duty vehicles and trailers for European, American, Japanese and Indian Application.

SP Hydraulic Parts have been on rate contract with the Association of State Road Transport for the last 30 years and is registered with various Government Departments and Undertakings in India. We have a extensive range of Brake Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Brake hoses, Brake Repair Kits, Brake Linings, Engine Mountings, Hydraulic Mountings, Bushes, Air Filters, Oil Filters and Fuel Filters.

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